PLEASE create pawn export strings for classic

I see here since 2017 plans to create pawn export strings for classic. Pawn is a great tool for comparison during leveling, and there are essentially no good stat weight strings out there! The question comes up frequently whether a given item is better overall than one already in use. Wowhead’s weights for classic are apparently based on TBC, not vanilla, and Pawn’s weights just seem wrong (too much stamina for one thing), and EJ and Noxxic are gone. I know that static comparisons aren’t as good as sim’d, but for max characters sims exist (AMR and csim) but NOTHING exists for leveling. I’ll take an output from AMR even if its calculations are based on raid levels, it’d still be better than nothing. I’d settle for some generic static stat weights even. There are lots of posts out there asking for this.

I would like this also the only reason I got Ask Mr Robot only to find out there is no feature for this.