Possible Feature

So something I would be curious about since there are DRs and stat caps that many classes want to hit, would it be possible to change out the secondary stat section? Currently, we are trying to just weigh them from % without knowing the class-specific Point to % conversion. If we could do something like say we want 25% of whatever at least then it follows be it DPS, TUFF, or HPS? It would allow for more control and it would be less of a guessing game.

With more modern version of WoW (the past 3-4 expansions), stat caps and/or thresholds are much less of a “thing” than they were back when e.g. hit and expertise were stats.

Usually when you see a guide promoting a stat cap or threshold it is just a rough rule of thumb. For any particular case, the optimal value may shift up or down a bit, or there may be an entire range of solutions that are virtually identical in value.

We use a stat “ratio” as a customization option because it generally tracks better with how the game works – the value of stats move up and down together… and the peaks tend to be more like gentle “hills” than “cliffs”.

If there actually is a point at which a stat dramatically drops in value for a spec, our model should handle it automatically – it is rare though.