Possible Trinket Bug: Oscillating Reactor

When running sims for my character, I am showing a 400ish dps loss using a 390 Variable Intensity Gigavolt Oscillating Reactor compared to a 355 darkmoon deck fathoms on my feral druid. When investigating it, the buff overview of the simulation shows the gigavolt’s buff as “Gain 0 crit every 2 seconds capping at 0 crit.”

When testing on the dummy with the VIGOR I get between 14-15k dps, with 14.5 being average.

When testing on the dummy with the Darkmoon Deck Fathoms I get between 13.7-14.5k dps, with 14k being average.

Just looking at the two it would be clear that VIGOR is an upgrade without testing it. +91 agility, +5% crit at max stacks. So I am assuming there is a bug reading it as 0 crit.

The spell tooltips on the simulator come from wowdb, and sometimes they don’t scale correctly. We don’t use the tooltip data when implementing spells in the simulator though.

I’ll take a look… seems like something isn’t working quite right with that item though… it was a bit tricky to implement the ramping crit buff, so maybe it’s getting stuck somewhere in the sim.

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I updated the simulator – this item should be working correctly now. We have several gear ranking updates coming over the next few days that will include updates for this trinket too.

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