Possible unforseen change issue

With the V65 changes you made, you made a change that while not gamestopping made things a little less user friendly. The addon used to create gear sets to equip when you swapped specs labeled AMR-Blood, AMR-Frost and AMR-Unholy (for DK obviously). As such, I was able to do a search in my bags for “AMR” and easily see which items needed to be sold or stored. You simplified the names now to drop the AMR and it just made it a little less convenient. Again not a gamestopper, I just wanted to give some feedback.

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On the website, you can rename any of your BiB sets by activating it, then clicking the edit (pencil) icon on it. You can add back in the “AMR” prefix (or any other identifier) that you like.

Oh that is awesome to know, thank you!