Possible WoW Classic Hunter Bug

I believe Marksmanship Hunter (maybe other specs as well) is quite messed up. Wrong enchants, wrong items (it suggests spell power gear, mp5, and healing gear lol…Marksmanship Hunters, at least, do not use Arcane Shot so there is no need for such gear)

I can let you know the options used if needed but the settings I use are solid for every class I’ve tried except whatever this is with the Hunter sim. I can kind of see suggesting +spell power and MP5 if the Hunter was using Arcane Shot but I’m having a hard time understanding why the +healing power cloak was suggested. Healing the pet?

If you need any more information, let me know and I’ll gladly respond! Thanks for your time!

If you click the “help” link you can create a “snapshot id” and post that here I can see all of your settings.

I have not seen the hunter optimizer recommend spell power in any of my testing. mp5 gear could be a plausible choice in some cases because hunters are quite mana-limited in their damage. Make sure to choose consumables like mana potions and demonic runes if you plan to use them, they make a big difference and would affect the gear chosen.

We’re not considering hunters using arcane shot, as that would be sub-optimal.


Ok, I see what is going on. This actually isn’t a bug, as far as I can tell. With the raid buffs and consumables you have selected, combined with the fight length… you are severely mana-limited. So, the spell power/heal power/spell crit on the items is of course, worthless - but the intellect and mp5 is giving you enough extra mana to use more abilities, which increases your damage more than the stats you’d get from other items.

If you include a major mana potion in the consumables you would use during the fight, you’ll see the suggestions change significantly.

Our calculations take into account your available mana pool for the given fight.

It’s still recommending Azuresong Mageblade, Claw of Chromaggus, Black Brood Pauldrons, Shimmering Geta, Band of Sulfuras with Major Mana Potion checked. Is there a way to ignore that completely as if mana is no concern because I don’t feel comfortable with those results.

Add a Flask of Distilled Wisdom or make the fight shorter. If it’s trying to stack up some intellect, that means you would get more damage from doing so. You need to get it to a point where mana is not the controlling factor for your damage.

This all seems really counter-intuitive. I’m putting in “fake” information just to get it to work properly. Not one of our hunters is going to go down this path of getting Mageblade and what not. They all push out physical damage with Auto-Shot, Multishot, and Aimed Shot. and they are trying to stack as much +Agi and +AP as possible. Even if they are running out of mana, it honestly doesn’t matter…they’re never going to be using +SP, +MP5, or +Healing gear. I don’t agree with this. I can’t recommend this, in good faith, for use for at least Marksmanship Hunters.

So - this is the problem we often run into with our gear optimizer. It doesn’t care what people expect to see - it just finds the setup that gives the highest output. Surprising results happen in some cases.

In this case, if you are completely running out of mana, you’ll actually do a little bit more damage if you increase your mana pool to the point that you can do another aimed shot or two. That actually beats out adding a little bit of damage to each attack.

My take away from this is that hunters should definitely be using mana consumables to maximize their DPS output. If you don’t want to use mana consumables, then you could consider this “weird” gear as an alternative.

You can also go into the item lists and exclude items that you don’t want to use, regardless. I could probably add a setting for hunters to exclude all gear that only has “caster” stats on it for convenience.

I’m fairly confident that you’d actually be able to do higher damage on average if you used the suggested gear with the setup you have specified. If you think about it… one extra aimed shot on a 140 second fight is going to be worth more than adding 2-3% damage to every attack. That’s why you are seeing a mix of agility gear and intellect gear. The optimizer is getting just enough mana to add another shot. In my opinion, that is what you would use an optimizer like this for: to find unexpected solutions.

Most BiS lists out there are based on the assumption that a hunter would use major mana potions, demonic runes, and brilliant mana oil. They usually assume you’d have a blessing of wisdom or shaman totem as well. Our optimizer lets you configure the consumables/buffs to whatever you will actually use - and then finds the appropriate gear.

I would certainly like that option to be apparent only under the guise that not every Hunter is going to be using consumables like that understanding that they really should. Maybe they are doing a more laid back run in comparison or whatever the reason may be, I feel like an option of some sort might be the best way to go about it.

Follow up, Is the Hunter T2 set bonus (Expose Weakness) under consideration for the sim? For example either having said Hunter sim to get the full set or have the debuff readily available so other items can be sought after. I don’t see the option available.

Right now we only consider it if you yourself have the set bonus. I didn’t make a setting for it because I don’t think it will change which items get picked. It’s rarely worth getting the set bonus unless you want to bring the debuff for your team because you have multiple hunters.

I see. What we’re doing right now is rushing 1 Hunter to get the full set so they can start providing that debuff for the other Hunters we have (we have 4 of them total)

Can the simulator recognise a hunter’s ability to FD->Drink at all?

No, we don’t do that. You would lose so much uptime that doing so would never increase your damage.

Also, for clarity, this is not a simulation. We use a mathematical model. That is why we can optimize with so many adjustable settings. Simulation is too slow. Wow classic lends itself to non-simulation approach much better than retail.