Potential corrections for Theorycraft Wiki's Balance Druid rotation priorities

At the time of writing these words, in step 10 of Theorycraft Wiki’s Balance Druid rotation priorities, Convoke the Spirits:

CooldownSecRemaining(BonusCelestialSpirits) > 60

should probably be changed to:

CooldownSecRemaining(CelestialAlignment) > 60

This can probably be confirmed by looking at step 11 and seeing a pattern broken.

And in step 31, Starsurge:

 BuffRemainingSec(Starlord) > 3

should probably be:

 BuffRemainingSec(Starlord) < 3

as is suggested by the user-friendly explanation, “Wait to cast if Starlord will fall off in the next 3 seconds.”

Yeah, looks like the first one was a typo, I can fix that. The starlord condition is correct. If Starlord will fall off in the next 3 seconds, you want to wait to cast. That means you’d only cast if the buff has more than 3 seconds remaining.