Potential health/mana calculation issue?

Working on my Twin Emp warlock tanking set, and I’ve noticed my in-game HP/MP are a few hundred off from what Mr. Robot reports. Not usually something I care about, which is why I’ve never noticed until now, but definitely a thing.

In game, I’ve got 4304 HP, 5143 Mana - no buffs, no pets, just sittin’ there in IF.

Here’s what Mr. Robot’s got (note I’ve also made sure to turn off all buffs/etc here too):

It looks like the talent Demonic Embrace isn’t been factored in? Stamina isn’t shown, but Spirit is listed as 174, where in-game it’s stated to be 160.

That doesn’t explain mana being off by 280 tho.

Also of note:
There are a few items that haven’t been linked to P5 (though that is moot soon) but the Shadow Guard (and other “Guard”) enchants for helm/legs aren’t until P6.

Without having specific data of your character its most likely impossible to say what’s going on there - and that data is not availabe for other people when using the direct link to a character. The best way to provide that would be to create a snapshot id with the “Help” button above Best in Bags as that will include verything (i.e. gear, settings, etc.) and to post it here.

How embarrassing, I used to help with support around here years ago. Of course I should need to supply character data!


I’ve tweaked a bit of gear; Mr. Robot reports 3884 Health and 5528 Mana. In game has 4304 Health and 5248 mana (mostly the same, but double checked to be sure).

This is specifically looking at my “Twin Emps” loadout.

When you are looking at stamina in-game, do you have blood pact?

Nope, zero buffs. No self buffs.

Small update, I’ve just tweaked my gear, putting on the Runed Stygian set, so here’s another data point if it’s useful:


Mr. Robot
3554 Health
4316 Mana

In Game
3924 Health
4333 Mana <— I’m noticing that looks like it just might be a rounding error or maybe base health is off.

I think that the stat display isn’t including Demonic Embrace, I’ll fix that in the next update. Note that the actual optimizer under the hood is including it, it’s just the stat display code.

When I include that it comes out to 3905 health. The small difference in health/mana compared to what you see in game is probably some little difference in how they calculate it… it’s actually quite a pain to reverse out the exact formula that they use. But once it is that close, we find that it has no impact on gear optimization or decisions.

For retail WoW, they got rid of a lot of the weird little adjustments that they used to make to some of these calculations that had no significant impact, but made it hard to match the exact number to what was shown on the in-game character sheet.

That’s what I suspected too. Glad it’s just display. Thanks!

I just posted an update that should resolve this display issue, you will need to refresh any open pages to get the change.