Poxstorm being recommended over... other Poxstorm

Snapshot code: ccdae26cf09f49718a3312183bd1179f

I have a 278 whatever, and two 272 “Poxstorm, Longsword of Pestilence”. While they both have the same item level, primary, and secondary stats, they do differ in that the one I have equipped is “Indestructible”.

AMR wants me to change that out for the other one.

I’m not 100% sure if this is a bug, or if there truly is some advantage and I’m just missing it.

There is no advantage. Not sure why the optimizer is switching them. Weird things can happen with the bonus ids on items - it’s actually non-trivial to actually figure out two items are “the same” thanks to blizzard’s hilarious data structure. We have a ton of code already to try to avoid zero value swaps like this. We’ll try to figure out why this is slipping through.

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I’ll fix this in the next update – though indestructible isn’t worth anything from a damage perspective, the optimizer is supposed to treat otherwise identical items with indestructible as a slightly “better” item.

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