Premium account options disabled?

Hello! I’ve tried to contact the Ask Mr Robot team in the past 3 weeks to get the following issue resolved. However I did not get a response to my support tickets, unfortunately.

In January 2017 I paid my premium subscription for a whole year. Yet, when I try to use the premium options I get a message that I cannot use them since I need a premium account. But… I have that?

This only occured since March this year. The first two months the subscription worked perfectly.

Could this please be looked into? Many thanks!

Best regards,
Aladriel, long time user of AMR

Sorry that your support email was not answered – we usually respond to all emails with 24 hours on business days. I will have one of our people direct message you on the forum to get the issue resolved, but it might not be until business hours tomorrow.

Hi Yellowfive,

I’ve been contacted already, and the issue has been resolved. Not sure how this happened, but it’s working again.

Thanks for the swift response and solution provided!