Premium Not Unlocked On Other PC

I there, long time user of the site here, I am trying to use my AMR account on another Pc however when I log in and try to do Best In Bags it says i need premium (which I have - and I am now paying our guild sub so I am fairly certain)

When i select “Learn More” it takes me to the billing page which confirms that I have an account with AMR.

tl;dr it works on my main PC but not my laptop

I do see that you have a guild sub, so that should all be correct. I doubt this is the problem, but I have to check: are you logged in with the same user on both computers? If so, can you send me a screenshot of the account page on the computer that tells you to upgrade? Be sure to get the username in that screenshot so we can all make sure we’re sane and seeing the same thing. You can DM that to me since it will have your email in it.

I haven’t seen this happen before, so hang in there with me while we figure it out.

Hi Zoopercat, thanks for replying…that fact that you hadn’t seen that before made me assume the mistake was on me…i was correct. I signed out and in again and this time didn’t use google autofill - apparently I have two accounts, i must have made a separate account years ago when I started using the site!

Sorry for wasting your time! Now get back to doing awesome stuff!

No problem. I know I’ve had auto-fill troll me before too :wink: