Preserved Contaminant Upgrade Suggestion gave DPS loss in AMR when applied


I was originally planning on getting Infinite Stars III first before any other preserved contaminant, as it was giving the highest upgrade % in the upgrade finder for my set of gear. However after doing some reading of other forums and BM Hunter guides, I found out that it is not actually that great for BM Hunters, especially on any fight that has more than one target, and ultimately I should be going for Severe, Expedient and maybe Masterful. Based on the Corruption Effects Upgrade Finder, Severe is the best for my gear in terms of corruption point efficiency.

Before I made any changes, I checked what was the best item to put it on, and the estimated % upgrade would be. The upgrade finder suggested I put it on the ilvl 470 Dominion, Lurker Beyond Dreams gun (the one with 142 speed, I have another one that came with Void Ritual II), and it would give me about a 1.96% upgrade. So I’ve purchased the Severe III from Mother, applied it to that gun, and reran BiB, which has given me the results you can see in the snapshot. I unfortunately haven’t got a snapshot of what it was before I added Severe III to my gun, but I have not gotten any new loot, or made any other changes to my gear or to any settings in AMR.

Instead of an upgrade, the new setup is a 0.17% dps loss. In order to remain at 39 corruption or lower, it is telling me to change to lower ilvl bracers that have a socket. I wasn’t expecting to get exactly 1.96% upgrade, but I was expecting to get an upgrade as opposed to a downgrade in DPS.

Can you investigate this to see if there is a bug with the upgrade finder feature, or if I’ve done something wrong. Have I misunderstood how I should use the feature?

I have a question about how you are doing the rankings of the preserved contaminant, to help me understand the algorithm better. Are you adding a copy of all of the items that I have that could have a corruption applied to them to the set of gear I have, and then running a single BiB with that merged set, or are you running 8 or 9 seperate BiBs, where you take my current gear set, and add in a copy of the items in a particular slot with the chosen corruption? Or is it something else?

If it is a single BiB with the merged set, that sounds incorrect to me, since it may end up picking up multiple items with the contaminant you have selected, which is not really the intent of that tool. Doing seperate BiB for each slot seems more like the correct way of doing it, if you want to get the right result. From how you described the method you use, step one seems like you are doing the merged set method, but step 2 seems to me like you are doing it differently. Are you flagging the added items in a certain way, to ensure that each solution you are comparing only contains one of the added items.

Also, does your algorithm work correctly when you already have items with the same corruption as the contaminant you are looking at, and allow them to be included in the best set of gear? I would assume so, but just want to double check.

Ultimately, I think I made the correct choice in going with Severe III, but hopefully I didn’t waste it by putting it on that weapon, when I should have put it on something else.

Hmm, after thinking about it a bit more, I realise that the .17% dps decrease is from what I previously had equipped, but with the Severe III corruption on the weapon. If I had an identical weapon without the corruption, as I had originally, and had it equipped in the input string, it probably would have been a dps increase. So it is more a misunderstanding of what I was inputting to AMR after I had applied the corruption.

Is there a way for you to double check that what I have done is actually an upgrade, since I can’t really do it after the fact. This is a downside of only presenting a % upgrade, and not including an absolute value of DPS (with a +/- error amount) that I could have compared to my previous BiB.

I can try to recreate your inventory without severe applied to your weapon, and test that it is indeed coming up with the same set of gear. Might take a day or two though, I have to write some testing code to do that.

Did you get a chance to have a look into this, to check that

  1. applying the severe corruption gave a dps increase?
  2. whether that dps increase was around the same amount as what the upgrade finder estimated?
  3. whether the set of gear that the upgrade finder was coming up with was the same set of gear that BiB came up with after I applied the corruption?

I appreciate you looking into this for me. Since my initial post, I have looted some more upgrades, so my current BiB setup is different, but it would help give me confidence in the Preserved Contaminant Upgrade Finder.

I realise it’s fairly late in the expansion to make significant changes to how AMR stores and presents information, but may I suggest that for the next expansion, you add the ability to keep track of at least the previous upload (if not several prior uploads), and provide the ability to see the % upgrade from the previous upload.

Also, I know you have mentioned a while back the reasons why you only show % upgrade, rather than an absolute dps value, but would you consider providing an option to allow people to change from seeing the % upgrade to the dps value and vice versa, or to show both values at the same time (maybe also with a +/- error amount to indicate that there is some error involved in the calculation of the dps)