Preserved Contaminant

Why do we have to individually select the preserved contaminants in the upgrade finder? It would seem infinitely easier to just see a list of all the preserved contaminants with their respective upgrade percentages right next to them in the list, sort of like how the regular upgrade finder works.

I asked essentially the same question back in June when they introduced that feature:

Swol responded with saying it was designed that way due to performance issues that would occur if they did an exhaustive ranking, since BiB needs to be run for each effect. It is definitely a reasonable concern, and for most users, they are probably only after what is the best item to put a particular effect on.

I ended up making a spreadsheet which I updated each time I got a few upgrades or upgraded my cloak, where I kept track of how much of an upgrade each effect was, and then order them by percentage to find the best one for the current set of gear. I was only doing this for one character, and ultimately, only ended up doing it for my main spec as BM, so the choices were actually fairly simple and straight-forward. It would have been more of a pain if I was more active and needed to do it for my alts as well.

Considering corruption effects are going away in the pre-patch (as far as I know), which is probably only 2 - 4 weeks away, I don’t see them making any changes to this feature, since it works fine for the way most people use it. Their primary focus at the moment is preparing AMR for Shadowlands, which I think is much more important.

Yeah - we are practically living in the shadowlands at this point, since sleep is obviously something that can wait until after it comes out :wink:

Understood. Really cool to get a response. Thanks.

O ya, wanted to ask you…is it going to be easier for you guys to program AMR for shadowlands? Seems like removing all the corruptions and azerite gear and neck essences will be nice for you guys…

Removing essences, azerite, and corruption will definitely cut down on the number of gear combinations dramatically.

That said, you will now have the soulbind tree and conduits to add combinations. Once you unlock all the conduits and all the tiers in the tree and the three available soulbinds for your covenant, you are looking at anywhere from a factor of 2 to 3 increase in potential setups for your character.

For example, if you have only 1 million combinations of gear in your bag because it’s much simpler in Shadowlands, once you combine that with potential ways you could configure your soulbinds and conduits, you are looking at more like 100 million to 1 billion ways to configure your character.

It’s coming along though – working on ways to display and give you control over which soulbinds and conduits you want to use in combination with your gear.