Priest T2 8 set too strong

The full T2 bonus for priests is “Your Greater Heals now have a heal over time component equivalent to a rank 5 renew”, this is hugely overvalued in the calculation. Currently it shows as being about 45% better than anything else in game (or Naxx).

While its not a bad set bonus its not that good. Its also not practical to give you full benefit off each cast as its a dot applied after a heal. The specifics aside the upgrade and BiS features become useless for armor when the 8 set is applied. AQ40 and Naxx both have much better armor bits for a holy priest but will never be suggested.

My snapshot is 4b2858fe13074559926c8fea141170f0 if you want to have a look

I was just looking at this again the other day. I can apply an overhealing factor to it to reduce the value a bit.

Even with 50% overhealing… it’s just an extremely good set bonus, though. If you reduce the fight length to something so short that mana doesn’t matter, it becomes less valuable. I remember using this set back in the day for a really long time because it offers so much free healing compared to any other effect you can get.

On a related point, is it possible to have the Healer Spell Breakdown in the BIS section affect things like this 8set?

Even if you go in and say you use 0% Greater Heal, it still insists the 8set is BIS, which doesnt really seem right.

As that Breakdown section is there, it would be nice to have it weigh in on decisions like this one.

I have taken to pretending i’m wearing something different to try and get upgrade advice as i’m certain that aq40 and naxx gear has upgrades

It shouldn’t have value if greater heal is not cast… It does take the breakdown into account for all calculations. That sounds like an old bug I had fixed already, but I can check again.

@unspec I just tried this, and when I take greater heal out of the spell breakdown, t2 8pc is not suggested.

I’m not sure really… The amount of healing added by this set bonus is profoundly out of scale with most gear in classic.

@protodoc I’ll post an update that applies the 50% overheal to the set bonus… but it still just absolutely crushes all other gear in value. There isn’t anything in the game that gives that amount of healing… even with 75% overhealing it is still overwhelmingly good.

Some napkin math helps us put this in perspective:
Rank 5 renew heals for 315 over 15 seconds, 63 per tick, 0.2 coefficient. Lets say you have 950 healing power using full t2. If you went full t3 instead, you could get, say 1250 healing power.

Rank 5 renew at 950 healing power heals for 63 + 950 * 0.2 * 5 = 1265 healing over 15 sec.

Greater Heal has a base healing of 583.5 and a coefficient of 0.8571 at max rank.

Greater heal at 950 spell power: 583.5 + 950 * 0.8571 = 1397.745
Greater heal at 1250 spell power: 583.5 + 1250 * 0.8571 = 1654.875

The increase in healing from 300 healing power is: 257.13. The increase in healing from t2 8pc is 1265. For the 300 healing power to be equivalent to the t2 8pc, 80% of the rank 5 renew would have to be wasted.

Spamming low rank greater heal with t2 8pc is one of the highest output builds there is in classic, by a large margin.

The changes seem to help. The ability to remove greater heal from the equation with the spell breakdown is hugely useful. I agree that it is strong however i am happier there is an easier way to compare situations. Thanks for the changes

Thanks @Swol

I hadn’t actually tested it for a bit, which i probably should have, so its possible it was bugfixed earlier! The thread just reminded me of the issue.

And thanks for the calculations too, certainly food for thought, but good to be able to compare the approaches.