Priest ulduar tier holy


is there a reason it wants me to use naxx tier over my ulduar tier for holy? the results were not what I expected, also was surprised it wants me to use sash of solitude over leash of heedless magic. I thought haste was supposed to be one of the best stats for a holy priest.

I don’t think the 4 piece bonus is all that great - it can be played around to be good, but I think it is pretty weak from a numbers standpoint.

The optimizer likes the 2pc bonus from each set, which seems reasonable to me.

I don’t know why haste would be considered one of the best stats for holy priest. Maybe if you are not mana-limited in any way it could be ok. Shortening the fight length in the settings would get the belt with haste to be chosen, since then mana pool is not so limiting.

Haste is a difficult to rank stat for healers. I choose to rank healer gear for maximum theoretical output with the given mana pool. Haste will rarely achieve that goal most efficiently. As soon as you lengthen the fight to some length where you can run out of mana if you constantly cast spells, haste has very little value. Especially in classic wow, you aren’t expected to do damage at all as a healer, making haste even less valuable. You can mitigate the sluggish feel of lower haste by constantly having a spell being cast, even if it is not necessary when you start casting it. Cancel the cast if you don’t need it, or let it go through if your target takes damage while casting. Playing like that effectively makes you more responsive without needing to get haste, but requires you to do a little prediction of where the damage might go.