Primal Ritual Shell considered "on-use" trinket by the gear preferences settings

The Primal Ritual Shell is a proc trinket with an on-use effect to configure what proc effect it has. However, if you limit your on-use trinkets to 1 in gear preferences, it counts as an on-use trinket against the limit. This is unfortunate if your actual best trinkets in bags are equipping it alongside a real on-use trinket.

Another issue may be that the simulator might not understand what proc the trinket is configured to. The “default” proc is a mastery proc, but it can be set to do a heal, absorb shield, or fire damage proc.

Yeah I defaulted that one to mastery for now – we would need to add a setting for the other ones.

We can put something in to prevent it from being flagged as on-use.

Hey I know this is an old post but is the shell still set to mastery by default if it’s picked in the optimiser? If so it’s probably grossly undervalued for healers as the heal choice is near broken at the moment. Also just would like to know which to set it to when it selects it for my Brewmaster.

We’re still finishing up lots of details in the optimizer, but this is on our list to come back to.

Awesome! So to be clear it’s still selecting mastery for now? Thanks!

yeah, mastery for now

If someone who has this trinket wants to post a snapshot, I can test out adding a setting to pick which blessing is active.

It’s not equipped, but I have it.

Thanks – that should do it, we’ll have a setting to adjust which effect it has in the next update.