Primal Ritual Shell - Sim Issue?

Hi all,

Can it be that there is an issue with the “Primal Ritual Shell”, were the proc is calculate in no matter if you wear the trinket or not?

Check this out:

  1. Sim with proc set to stone
  2. Sim with the proc set to fire

As a result the trinket was removed and the new score is higher, which from my understanding shouldn’t be.
Any idea / advice?

You’re set up for All Defense, so changing the proc to Flame removes the majority of the defensive value of the Primal Ritual Shell. This makes it worse than the Decoration of Flame which has some amount of defensive value. Makes sense to me.

How is the sim with flame then better?
Shouldn‘t it be already better with stone?

When you change the option to select the Flame proc instead of the Stone proc, the value of the Primal Ritual Shell goes down (probably significantly!) and so replacing it with the trinket Decoration of Flame becomes an upgrade.

Ok, that makes sense, thank you :slight_smile:
Do you know if there is a way to see the score value and not the %diff?
I’ve been looking for it, but I cannot find it anywhere :’(

We do everything as % differences. Calculating an absolute score is much more difficult than calculating a relative change in value. Game experience varies results so drastically that the % difference is a better number to use for comparing gear.