Prioritize Spirit over MP5 for Restoration Druids in TBC

Is there a way to bump the priority of spirit over MP5 for restoration druids? Because of the Tree of Life bonus from spirit, there is greater benefit to raids – especially for tank healing – when restoration druids stack more spirit instead of straight MP5.

Ideally, I could set an explicit Spirit threshold like I can with some other stats.

I could add an option to factor in the tree of life to the calculation. I didn’t put it in initially because it only benefits your own party, not the whole raid. It is very difficult to say if the amount of extra healing you do to your own party is enough to make spirit better than mp5. That is heavily dependent on how much you are spreading your healing around.

I tried putting in a setting to indicate how much of your own healing is done on people in your party - so essentially what amount of your spirit adds to your own personal healing. Even doing 100% of your healing on people in your own party isn’t enough to make spirit a better stat than mp5 for your total healing output.

For the spirit-stacking to matter, other healers also need to benefit from this. So I modified the setting and put in an assumption to that effect to make the calculation meaningful. Play around with it to favor spirit more/less depending on what you think will happen in your group.

(We’ll post it up live sometime later today)

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