Prioritizing set bonuses?

Hey guys, there used to be a way last expansion to put a weight on your 2 and 4 set bonuses when adjusting your stats. Is there a way to do that this time around? I might be missing it, but it would be helpful since I sim higher with my set bonus, and AMR recommends me breaking it. Thanks.

I am having the same issue. AMR wants me to break my 4 pc and use higher ilvl gear for the other slots. I feel the 4pc is more important, but I don’t know how to choose this anymore.

You can lock in the set items, or, calculate a custom gearing strategy.

The only spec I can think of where the set bonuses aren’t ranking well by default right now is Affliction.

If you give me more details about your particular cases, we can take a look and see if dropping the set bonus is good advice or not. The best thing to do is provide an export from the addon and a link to the gearing strategy you are using (if it’s not one of the defaults).

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Yea, after your help with locking the slots, that’s what I’ve been doing in the mean time.

So onto this topic: Since you mentioned that stat weights should be acting properly for BM hunter, I switched over from my custom one. Now it’s keeping the set bonuses without me having to fiddle with it. AND it’s giving me a higher sim’d DPS than my attempt to translate Azortharian’s pawn string into an AMR number amount (while locking in my 4 set).

Sometimes I worry that you guys aren’t completely up-to-date with our stat weights, but I do trust in the bot itself if you’re getting the stat weights right. That’s why I was messing with it. Though it looks like I shouldn’t have messed with it in this case, since I don’t understand the exact math differences between the two. Not to mention what sort of stuff that messes with for the set bonuses (if that’s even a thing).

Thanks for your help again Swol!

@breytak You’re putting the cart before the horse.
You’re confusing where the stat weights come from and what they’re used for.

The Robot doesn’t run on stat weights, it runs many, many simulations and works out what’s best to use. From a simulation result you can get stat weights, however they’re only really useful for that gear set up, change the gear and the weights will change, the bigger the change the worse the weights become.

In the past (still now really) people would take some stat weights from a result and use them in guides or spreadsheets or put them into Pawn for, very rough, item is better/worse than the equipped one by X. (I don’t know where Pawn gets it’s default stat weights as I’ve never used it, but from a sim run by someone, will be the answer)

What you should be more concerned about, with stat weights, isn’t if the AMR team are “up to date” with them, but more as to how whomever is giving you stat weights is getting them.
More importantly is that you understand the limitations of those stat weights and where they come from.

How do you “lock in set items”?

@xogo To “lock in” an item you run Best in Bags then left click on the item it suggests and pick a different item in the pop up list. The numeric values there will suggest what is better, but those suggestions are based on your current gearing strategy at the top.

Once “locked in” that item will have a dotted line around it. To unlock it, right click the item and it will lose its dotted outline. Then if you click “save and update” it will replace the item you chose that was locked with whatever its normal choice would be.

@Cluey Advanced users of Pawn strings are encouraged to build their own pawn string from their own gear with Simulationcraft client for the pawn addon.
If you are an AMR user though obviously you want to be really careful using the pawn addon because as you know it’s going to give you way dumber choices than AMR will. As an AMR Best in Bag user I still find it useful for Pawn addon to tell me when an item being rolled on is a relic upgrade or might be an obvious stat upgrade.

@thermight I know the advanced users get their own weights but, in my experience, they’re a minority. I’ve come across more people using old versions than I have people putting their own strings in it!
Think about the people you find in LFR, or the people you might have tried helping and then you discover they don’t know how to extract a zip file. Anyone like that, there are a sCary amount of them, won’t be using anything useful to them. :smirk:

I’ve changed raid groups now, surprisingly, so hopefully things will improve. :wink:

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