Priority question

Everything I am reading about Dragonflight for Guardian druids has moved mastery down on the list. Yet Mr. Robot still seems to be prioritizing it. Is there a spot where you explain the whys of that?

We do a calculation of estimated toughness factoring in all stats… we don’t explicitly favor mastery, we just let the math figure it out. That said, there are a lot of assumptions that have to be made for tanking – for example you really need to know how hard you’re being hit, how much incoming healing you have, etc. These can all significantly impact your desired stats, and they can vary a lot from player to player, boss to boss.

Can you give me a quick summary of why the other source you were reading says that mastery isn’t a good stat? And in the context of which tanking situation that recommendation was made?

Thanks for the reply, that was enough of an explanation. The other sites mirror your comment about tanking being more of a challenge because of the number of variables.