Problem with Best in Bags proposal


Best in Bags tells me, that there is a 12.43% upgrade possible, but does NOT show anything that should be changed? Do I oversee something, or is there a bug?

BR, Gry

Heyo ! =D
edit : what i said was bulshit. The two soulbinds conduits are not for dps

BUT i remember Swol saying with the 9.1.5 update some of the calculation done here with the % increase may be bugged so it may stay like this till 9.1.5

Here you go :

Missed info

If i may, using the snapshot you provided me; AMR is suggesting you to change a soulbinds conduit see here :

Hope it help =D

Hi! Thank you for the quick reply! I also tried to change the conduit, but this has no effect on the damage … furthermore, there would not be a plus of 12% :wink: But, the explanation with 9.1.5 sounds interesting … i will wait until the patch and see if it changes! BR, Gry

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This appears to be the same issue as the other thread. I’ll use yours as another example case as I’m working on it today, hopefully I can get it figured out and updated later today sometime.

I posted an update just now that should resolve this issue. It was indeed an issue with the changes to support having different covenants on different Best in Bags setups.

If you encounter any other problems related to this issue, let us know in the other thread.