Problem with my stats

Hello there!

I’m using Mr.Robot premium, and i have a quick question for you guys. I’ve been checking a lot of armory of mages, comparing gear. My versatility ATM is at 1%, and AMR doesn’t tell me to get higher on versa. If i ru na si mon Raidbots, they tell me that 1 pt in versa give me more dmg ATM than 1 point in intellect.

I compared to a lot of other mages in my raid group, i tend to have way too much crit, and a lot less versatility compared to them. My dps is also very bad compared to them, at the same ilvl (384 vs 385).

Been rocking this mage since vanilla, no alt, so i played a lot of time on this mage. WHy don’t AMR tell me to get more versa? Why it does’t tell me to change my weapon enchant/gems to versa?

I know it’s the worst stats for frost mage, but like i said, when comparing, i’m way lower than other mages in that stats, that might be why i’m having such bad dps.

Thx for your answer, and sorry for my bad english quality, it is not my native language.

Use the Mr Robot sim to see the difference vs the script used to get the results BiB uses.

Using Raidbots is just using SimC in the cloud. Unless you tell it to do something different it will default to Patchwerk, which is the equivalent of a Target Dummy.

Also if you paste your addon export, from the game, others can see what you’re seeing and can run the sims for you if you’re not sure how.

Thx for your answer. I will figure out the sims, should be simple to do. That’s a good idea, for the moment I was just pushing the optimize button and checking the gear, but I definitely need better versatility. Thx for your time again!

You don’t really need to do simulations if you don’t want to. Pushing the optimizer button gives you instant access to our analysis of a ton of simulation data. You don’t have to get versatility to do more damage. Relatively small differences in stats like that have a very minor impact on DPS.

If there are other mages in your group doing a lot more damage than you - it would be best to compare some combat logs to see where the real differences might be.

Thx for your answer Swol!

In fact, i’ve run a sim on Raidbot website and it’s seems that my versa it 1=1.96. inter somewhat 1=1.69. and others stats under.

I’m only at like 110 versatility, compared to 1300 crit, and 1100 haste. And the optimizer still tell me to gem all in haste, with a haste weapon enchant, not even Torrent of elements. So that’s why i’m wondering if the stats weights are good… i’ve read on may forums that the weights on AMR are wrong, i’m not blaming you for this, just asking.

We don’t even use stat weights anymore. What we do goes way beyond the old school way of picking gear with stat weights generated by simc.

You will see lots of people saying our “stat weights” are wrong because they don’t understand what we do (or frankly they just don’t like us).

What we do is run millions of simulations ahead of time across all relevant combos of talents, azerite, trinkets, stats, etc. Then we develop a predictive model based on all that data. Our model can quickly (almost instantly) estimate simulated dps for any set of gear.

So, when our optimizer picks haste for you, there are no stat weights involved. It looks through all your gear and estimates the dps of every single set you could make. Then it picks the highest one. Stat weights can’t get you a solution that accurate. They are a very coarse method - a linear approximation of a non-linear problem.

Some people try to get around the limitations of stat weights by just simulating everything, but it is impossible to simulate everything. Our gear ranking method provides the most comprehensive solution. Using what we suggest, you know for sure you have one of the best sets of gear possible for you.

If you want more versatility, click on the “customize” tab above the best in bag result and see if there is a build that favors versatility in the “tier 1” solutions.

But, like I said, if you are seeing significant dps differences between you and mages of similar item level, it is not because of some versatility. What kind of difference are we talking about? 500 dps? 1000? Changing your stats up would account for maybe a couple hundred at best, which you wouldn’t really notice much in the game. I would expect more haste to actually be helpful from a performance perspective.

I think i found my error. I never gear in my bags, so from what i understand, it doesn’t compare with other gear in my bags, since i have none. If i had some gear in my bags with other stats, then AMR would maybe suggest me to change a piece for one in my bad, and then change some gems and enchants with it?

So i’m kinda cutting down the possibilities from AMR by NOT having any other gear on me, so i guess it gives me only the best way to optimize with the current gear equipped.

Once again, thx for your answer, and sorry for my bad english quality, i’m just trying to figure out things here.

You need to import from our in-game addon. It will look at all the gear in your bags and your bank (you need to go open your bank at least once after installing the addon). Then go to the Export tab, and copy that string into the box on our site that shows up when you click on your character name.

If you want to “hide” gear from the addon, you can put it in void storage.

Yeah I’m doing this but like I said i don’t keep any gear one me/my bank. Once it’s an upgrade, i d/e the other piece. So from your answer, i understand that keeping all my gear would help AMR of giving me better stats wise, a better optimization with all the gear available. I’m still wondering why AMR don’t give me the torrent of elements enchant, I read everywhere that it’s the only enchant mage should use. So with more gear flexibility in my bags/bank, if I optimize gear in bags, this could lower my crit for some versa MAYBE. Since I have no other gear available, AMR give me the only max solution available… right?

Yes, Best in Bags answers the question: “of all the gear that I currently own, what is the best combination?” So if you only have one set of gear in your bags… it will pretty much just give you a gem, enchant, and azerite power suggestion.

The Best in Slot feature can look at other gear that you do not own, and you can configure which sources it should use.

The difference in DPS from various weapon enchants are very small. Which one will come out on top can depend on your specific gear. Regardless though, you will hardly be able to tell the difference no matter whether you use Torrent of Elements or any of the 4 secondary stat enchants.

If you have no other gear in your bag, best in bag will only use the items you have on. We recommend keeping your gear that is of equivalent item level, since the optimal setup can shift around as you get gear.

The difference in dps between torrent and the stat weapon enchants is very minor. So small that you will never notice a difference in the game. Our simulator and optimizer tend to prefer the stat enchants.

All other sources of information besides AMR tend to recommend the same thing, because they all get their info from the same source. We are really the only “second opinion” out there. Unfortunately most people are trying to shut us down instead of making use of the information we provide.