Problem with the new neck leveling for alters (best in bags)

I have a problem with the neck (heart of azeroth), the neck level is 31 , and itm lvl is 385
When I make best in bags, detects my neck by its itm lvl (385) but assigns a higher level of heart, then I can not activate try (level 33 necessary) but best in bags detects it as level 33 and tells me that I must activate the last try (which increases by 5 itmlvl of the object)
It’s for the new neck leveling that’s made blizzard now for alters.
How can I fix it?

I think this is part of some changes that Blizzard has made to what levels Azerite Trait rings are opened.

While the system was edited when many players were yet to get into Azerite Power levels in the high 20’s/low 30’s, this is now relatively common place and may require a revisit to verify that the database is using the correct levels.

If anyone has an addon export string (the one you copy from the in-game addon to the website) with an azerite item showing the incorrect unlock levels, post it here, tell me which item, and what the actual levels are in-game, and we’ll fix it up.