Probléme bisard

j’ai ceci qui s’affiche lors de mise a niveau de mon perso. quelqu’un pourrait m’en dire plus . MERCI

Une erreur est survenue lors de la communication avec

Statut: Interdit, Motif: Erreur inconnue de l’API
En attendant, vous pouvez utiliser notre addon de jeu pour charger votre personnage.

Si cela arrive lorsque tu essais de charger ton personnage via l’armory cela doit venir de la pars de blizzard. Rien à faire que d’attendre.
Le mieux reste l’utilisation via l’addon AMR.

Je traduis pour Yellow qui aurait peut-être plus d’information =)

@yellowfive Hi !
This french guy have an error will importing from the armory i guess. Have you heard anything about some API error for this ?
i was able to replicate the error while trying to import using the Armory i guess it’s from Blizzard ends (some changes or server down etc…) and nothing we can do ?

yes, I get the same in Germany…read my topic please, I don`t speak french so I did not notice it, sry

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Looks like another person had a similar issue:

If you want to give me some region/realm/name of characters to try, I can look into it.

Only mention I see on the forums about this error, is that it will happen if you have not logged out at least once on a character since logging in after the 8.2 patch. In other words, you need to log in on the character, do something for a bit, then log out on that character, what a minute, then it should work. Or so blizzard says!

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je vous remercie pour cette éclaircissement , vous parlez de déconnecter un perso et de jouer un moment avec celui la ! chose faite depuis bien avant la 8.2 . EU hyjal Fujïmï.
je vais remettre l’addon et voir si le problème persiste.

can you please write in english? :slight_smile:

Thanks for this clarification, You were speaking about connecting a character and play a bit. It has been done well before 8.2 with : EU Hyjal Fujïmï.
I will use the addon and see if the prb is still here.

Probably would have been easier for me to google translate it xD

I’m doing an update later today that I think should resolve the issue.

that would be nice :slight_smile: let us know when you did it :slight_smile:

The site has been updated – let me know if you still run into any issues with loading characters from the armory.

good job, it is working again, thank you :slight_smile: