Proper Server Setup

I have a couple of HP servers I use for VMs here at home and was wondering what the proper setup would be to maximize sim speeds. Ideally I would like be able to run sims like I do on raidbots that have 5-10 million combinations in a few minutes. The servers only run VMs when needed so the sim client can have free run of the full spec of hardware. I would also like to utilize the faster cpu in my desktop. Is it possible to have sims spread across multiple machine to decrease completion time?
The config I am using is below.

Specs for the servers below:
2x HP DL360G8
2x Xeon E5-2660v2 10 Core @ 2.2Ghz w/ hyperthreading
128GB 1866 Mhz DDR3

so the servers have plenty of memory and 40 logical processors each.

My desktop is using a I7-8700k with 32gb DDR4 2400Mhz


“ClientUserSettings”: {
“Username”: “”,
“Token”: “”,
“PerformanceMode”: “Batch”,
“Threads”: 1.0,
“EnableGlobalNetwork”: true,
“GlobalNetworkThreads”: 1.0,
“GlobalNetworkSchedule”: “”

@yellowfive would be the one who knows more about setting things up on multiple machines. I don’t know if there’s much more to it than running the client on each machine and connecting all of them - the simulator server takes care of chunking the sims and sending them out to the available clients.

Testing 5-10 million different combinations of gear in a few minutes would take some serious hardware if you were actually going to run a simulation for each combination. How are you doing that on raidbots? Running 5 million different simulations would take more than a few minutes even with an entire server farm available to you. You must be culling out some of those combos beforehand to get a result in a few minutes.

Check out the Simulator Client Manual for some guidance on getting the most out of your machines. Of particular interest would be the number of threads – you will want something high, to fully utilize the machines. The manual gives some examples.

Also, you will probably want to turn on server garbage collection mode – instructions at the bottom of the manual for that.

Sorry for my late reply I didnt recieve a notification that someone had answered! I think raidbots is padding the number of simulations that are run because when I do the same on my own system with AMR the results are in the thousands. Besides that I got everything working fully. Load balancing across all 3 systems is awesome! Shortly I will be adding a 4th! I just hope the guild subscription with sharing my servers with others comes out sooner than later!