Prot Paladin and rotation

The rotation AMR uses Sims 5% less toughness and 200 dps less than my custom rotation for an 18 tyrannical bolster. Fort week Sims are an even more concerning discrepancy. This is on my protection pally optimised as all tuf mythic + (AMR strategy) forcing bsp trinket. Is there any way to post the rotation for review? If the AMR rotation is used for the gear strategy as is I think it would produce much lower than ideal suggestions.


At the top of your rotation is a toolbar with actions – press the SHARE button, and copy the link here. Then we can see your rotation.

It might also help to describe in words what you are doing differently in your rotation, then we can take a look.

The main changes are putting a cast of avengers shield before judgement for multi - target, removing shield of the righteous from the “big defensive parameters” - as the goal is as much uptime as possible (I left the check to stop SoTR casts if a “big defensive” is up), adding blood spattered scale specifically as a “big defensive” and adding fleshcraft as a “big defensive”. I am also spamming SoTR if ardent defender is up with the Resolute Defender conduit active and casting AD on CD if Avenging Crusader is up. The rest of it is around optomising vanquishers hammer use since I’m necrolord.

Here is the export link

Note I do not think its perfect I just am finding it sims much better and is closer to how I try to play. Also this is for mythic plus - I havent really compared for raid tanking.

One other thing I think blessed hammer is likely undervalued. The strength of BH is that you start every fight with 3 to 5 holy power and you produce HP when kiting. I am not sure how to put that in the AMR Sim. I added a line for out of enemy range or out of combat but I’m not sure how the Sim works and there appears to be no change in dps/tuf.

You already found the AMR rotation, at least I’m assuming you modified the default one rather than making yours from scratch.
However that can be quite hard to follow as it’s there for the simulator to implement while it runs, which is why you can tell it to use your one and it just works. It’s a very cool feature for those of us who like to poke things more.

There are two ways of seeing it in a more readable way, the first is looking at the AMR guide for the spec you want to look at, in this case Protection Paladin.

The other is a bit more involved but as you’re running simulations anyway you won’t find it hard.
In the last step of running a simulation, after you’ve set up the gear etc, there’s an option for Report Type. If you change that to Log you can then filter the log in the results section.

On the result page expand the Log section:

Untick All and then choose Cast Success and it will filter the simulated log just showing you what it cast. You might need/want to turn other options on too, but I’m sure you’ll work it out from there. :slight_smile:

Thanks I didn’t know about that. I will give it a try next time I sim. That being said I was asking more for someone else to try my rotation to see if they too get better results than with the default AMR rotation.

Hi were you able to see the rotation…it’s been some time.

I really think the AMR rotation needs avenger shield priority on multiple targets as a minimum to be near optimal.

I can take a look at it this week, just been really busy the last week or so.

Ive improved the rotation more. It now sims 5% for TUF and comparable dps on a 20 Tyran/rage.

Still on my list to take a look at this.

I circled back to this - I can post an update later on today. Taking SotR out of the “big defensive” rotation parameter was quite a worthwhile change. I forgot to do that when I changed the rotation to maximize SotR uptime at some point.


have you tried adding AS before judge on aoe? i don’t see any reason not to unless im missing something.

I think it might be a remnant of pre HP return where judgment was always first because it reduced SoTR CD. Now with HP AS and judge are equal for SoTR uptime so I can’t see why you would judge before AS on 3+ targets.

I tried putting that into the rotation and it made no difference (positive or negative) in my tests for DPS or toughness. Was there a specific set of gear you were using that would cause that to make a difference?

You are right I have tried adding/removing it and the difference is minimal. I had just assumed it would be better.