Prot Paladin... Is this OK? Over capped on defense

In the Best in Bags section I chose Customize and enabled the Crit Immune. Then I chose ALL Offense in the gearing strategy. I’m over my defense cap by quite a bit. Is this OK?

From what I understand if you are over your defense cap you will still contribute to your avoidance. Is that true?

Character Screen with CharacterStatsTBC Info:

Snapshot ID:

My current export:

$6;US;Atiesh;Tîldé;The Anti Drama Society;5;1;70;-932:-5789,-87:-31975,-529:13964,-933:7542,-69:18286,-989:21604,-21:9080,-934:5263,-369:7960,6:250,-978:17522,-577:6024,-47:17657,-72:27926,-470:6118,-749:33,-1031:275,-1011:17603,-946:17530,-930:10094,-576:-3181,-935:17267,1:227,-59:770,-609:660,-730:0,-890:11,-990:0,-967:2315,-970:9363,-54:13857,-509:0,-942:18044;1;.s1;PALADIN;0000000000000000000005305133500021025215510500500020000000000000;.q1;24463s3x24053y9729;1171s13;1901s10;269s15;83s17e1704;30s18;125s14;125s9x-9729;9s8x-23y9752;109s1x-9729y1848;122s11;777s7x-1871y23z9729;139s12;13s2;2124s6;1200s16;2742s5x-9752y0z23;.inv;1729;1172;451;508;0;0;4;442;0;0;0;0;0;69;0;1581;81;182;311;0;0;418;349;675;178;1090;1258;9;0;52;563;190;1053;0;481;533;2664;990;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;1379;239;2;93;1812;619;814;454;0;1;0;2;1;380;3;0;0;0;283;0;310;113;524;339;20;36x24052y0;393f5;122f7;23f33;56f5;419;69;40;6;59;75;61;7;32;9e1704;215;1;1481;135;194;6;0;0;0;33x0y0z0;53;119;43;3;73;81;52;241;628;130;13;13x-937y0z0;107;0;0;0;287;522;432;439;274;46;72;14;80;51;1182;54;3;249;138;516x0y0z0;265;1;1;4100$

The defense “cap” is the amount of defense you need to be crit immune. That value is 490. You don’t have the gear to reach that amount of defense yet, so the optimizer is getting you as much as it can.

I don’t know what mod you are using there, but I don’t think it’s telling you the right information.

That’s terrible. Thanks for replying.

The mod is this:

It would be awesome if the AMR add-on did this instead :slight_smile:

I’ll pay attention to the numbers and nuke this add-on. Thanks again.

So if you put your mouse over the Defense stat in the display on our website, it shows you that your defense is reducing your chance to be crit by enemies by 3.8%. (You reduce your chance to be crit by 0.04% for every 1 defense skill you have over the base 350 when fighting a boss.)

Bosses have a 5.6% chance to get a crit. This is where the 490 defense “cap” comes from that people talk about, it is the amount of defense required to get exactly a 5.6% reduction in chance to be crit.

You only have 445 defense in this setup, but you are crit immune. You are picking up the extra from your resilience (3.8% from defense plus 1.95% from resilience puts you just over -5.6% chance to be crit) – resilience is more efficient at making your crit immune than defense, but defense is a generally better stat because you get other defensive benefits.

In this case you have turned on the option to prioritize becoming crit immune in an “all offense” strategy, so it is using resilience to get there more efficiently and allow you to keep more offensive stats.

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Thank you for clarifying this further. Is the add-on technically correct then?

It’s a little hard for me to tell from just a screenshot, but it seems to be correct. Compared to our site, you may have a buff or consumable giving +20 defense which makes the numbers it shows a tad different.