Prot Pally weighing Mastery very heavily?

Anyone else noticing the emphasis on mastery for Tanks? Even though Haste and Mastery are relatively close, almost all Prot Paladins are going full Haste gems and enchants. Any idea why AMR thinks otherwise?

Yes… but I only notice Haste could use more input if a solo (Elite/Rare) fight goes on a bit longer than I initially hoped, or ‘friends join in to help’ what I’m fighting.

It could be that ‘other sources’ work their prioritising differently; AMR runs a shed load of sims to get their data to fuel their recommendations - that said, that’s all sites like AMR do, is offer suggestions.

If your AiL is outside the scope of BoE crafting, I can’t suggest any way to look to balance Haste & Mastery better, but AMR does allow for factoring in more Haste if a longer fight requires (needs…?) it.

If this post equates to me speaking from ‘an inappropriate bodily opening’, I apologise…

See Protection Paladin stat ratings (Mastery vs Haste)

Mastery did get considerably better this expansion than it has been in the past, so it’s fully plausible that it competes with haste now, for certain situations. Used to be mastery was block chance (RNG, unreliable) plus additional damage reduction while SOTR was up, which was pointless because SOTR was strong enough on its own without significant mastery bonuses. Now it’s mitigation while standing in consecration, which is reliable, plus we’re all speccing holy shield, so the block chance is a lot better than it was in past expansions.

So if you’re in a scenario where you can survive individual hits with SOTR down and your needs are more towards overall reduction, probably mastery is good. Those are rarely the hard bosses for a tank though. The hard ones are like Tyrant Velhari and Argus the Unmaker, where if you take hits without SOTR up you’re likely to just fall over dead, so you really need haste to avoid taking unmitigated hits.