Prot Warrior Azerite trait question

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So I was looking at the pro warriors around armory. Every one of them has an azerite piece with Deafening Crash trait. I got one on my shoulder. The item is 340 iLvl and I got another shoulder whic is 385 iLvl but with shitty traits. AMR suggest me to change it to that shoulder, but checking the mythic raider warriors every one of them sacrifice the iLvl for that trait.

Also checking best in slot gear, there is no mention about this trait. I just want to ask if you are aware of the power of the trait, because every mythic raider warrior cant be wrong, and maybe a little help about what strategy should I use. I am raiding hc uldir currently, getting ready for mythic raiding.

Thanks for help

Deafening Crash is absolutely a trait that is very good to have one of, since the Demoralizing Shout extension does not stack, only the damage increase.

I’ve been trying to think of any reasons why Mr Robot would mistanginly value this trait lower than appropiate. The spell itself looks correct in the AMR simulator (with my very limited understanding of it).

One thing that could make it slightly less valuable for Mr Robot is that the standard rotation values thunder clap below a free revenge. This seems unproductive as Thunder Clap does more damage than Revenge, also has a chance to reset Shield Slam, and generates rage.

Especially when tanking many targets (like in mythic+), the amount of free revenges is probably tangible enough to reduce the total amount of thunder claps casted.

If you have Unstoppable force the damage is even larger and you can cast a large number of thunder claps, practically keeping demoralizing shout up for the full duration of avatar which reduces damage for a large amount, and combined with Booming Voice provices a noticable damage output increase.

We could try to make a rotation that prioritizes thunder clap higher in general. I was considering prioritizing thunder clap especially high during Unstoppable Force or Deafening Crash but I doubt it’s worth putting above shield slam or any defensive ability.

Another point is that rather than trying to use demoralizing shout as a rotational ability for damage reduction (and rage/damage output from booming voice), Mr Robots is avoiding to overlap it with any other defensive cooldowns. I don’t know how this affects the uptime however.

Allthough saying all that, I don’t see any major discrepancies that would cause Deafening Crash to be incorrectly valued too low. I might do some experimenting with rotations to see if the number of Thunder Claps is too low or Demoralizing Shout uptime is too low.

I can play around with it some - I’ve been running some content recently with my protection warrior.

In general, though, losing 40 item levels for that trait seems… questionable. I understand that it is a trait that feels good, but all that stamina is going to be just as good for staying alive overall. We have some new tank gear rankings coming out very soon as well, so we’ll see where it all shakes out after that.

Yea losing 40 itemlevels seems a bit extreme.

Is there anywhere you can view/compare all azerite traits in a gearing strategy?

Found a glitch in the simulator i think.

Thunderclap with Deafening Crash does not increase the duration of Booming Voice which is a separate debuff in the simulator. I think.

If you view the uptime of Booming Voice in the simulation with Deafening Crash, it is lower than the uptime of Demoralizing Shout. Also has no refresh.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood this!

Ah, yeah I implemented Booming Voice as its own debuff but the game treats it as a modifier to demo shout, so it gets extended by that trait. I’ll add that in.

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An interesting point is that I created a rotation that uses Demoralizing Shout more aggresively as well as some other points, and then created a Gearing Strategy from this. And it seems like this has increased the valuation of Deafening Crash by a lot. It could also be affected by the fix the other day that increased value of Azerite Traits.
What’s intreresting with this Gearing Strategy Deafening crash becomes quite important and in a BiS situation I could see that gear that was many itemlevels lower but had Deafening Crash was being valued over other gear.