Prot Warrior Azerite

Help Code: df41e3b2c2c148e98e2d4b348b3048fd

So, the only restriction I have set for Prot Warrior is 1x Deafening Crash (because it wasn’t picking it naturally, prolly due to me setting it to all DPS-orientated.) The problems I have is that I have two options for Crash, Helm and Shoulders, both on 2nd ring. So, without that restriction it picks Dagger in the Back + Meticulous Scheming. But as you can see in the above, it removes MS and gives me Crash. When I look at the actual traits, it says MS is +1.01% more DPS, while trading out Dagger would only be a -.27% loss. Not sure why AMR is getting rid of MS instead of Dagger for Crash. Dagger is also a lot less useful since I can’t ever be behind Mobs.

I’m not sure why it’s having a bit of trouble in this case finding the best solution…

You can force it towards a better solution by setting up a rule to never use dagger in the back (which makes sense for you in this case anyway).

I got a new helm, AMR was acting weird again with it (it also has Crash in it and it’s 15 higher than my old helm.) Help Code: cb99313090a049e08125a4d3e9deeb9d

I actually removed all the restrictions and locked in traits on the helm with how I would want them and using BiB. +5.09% DPS

Unlocking the helm and using BiB and telling it to give me 1 Crash (then also having to tell it not to pick Dagger) gives me +3.16% DPS. AMR is really stuck on trying to pick Crash over Meticulous instead.

I played around with this a little bit… it’s kind of a tough case.

Firstly, with your first snapshot, you’re right on the edge of where we generated simulation data for our statistical models (around ilvl435 equipped is the minimum). Once you get outside that range, we have to use some different scoring methods. We have code to make that transition “smooth”, but in this case there was a little bit of a discontinuity. Our next update will add some code to smooth that out.

That aside, once you start using custom azerite rules… it gets much, much harder to guarantee that it will find the highest scoring solution. It will always get close… but might not always find the best. There is no way around that unfortunately… the optimizer would become painfully slow if we tried to give you a mathematical guarantee that no other set of gear could possibly score higher.

I’ll see if we can tweak it for this case a bit… but you end up in a “wack a mole” kind of problem: a tweak to the algorithm that improves this case might not work as well in other cases.

For now, change your azerite rule to only exclude dagger in the back. You get a better result than the one you found in your second case, and it has one deafening crash as well. In general: use as few and as simple azerite rules as you can to get your desired result. Exclusion rules are the simplest and will have the least impact on the optimizer’s accuracy and speed.