Prot Warrior Effective Health TBC

Is there an easy way to figure out what I need to reach an Effective Health minimum with AMR? The setting a Stat Threshold for Stam seems tricky based on raid buffs, racials, etc. It would be nice to have a Stat Threshold for Effective Health and not just Stam, especially for tanks. Does the Stam threshold take into account say Human racial, food buffs, raid buffs, etc.? Mainly trying to make sure I don’t get trucked while trying to have enough threat.

The stamina threshold would be your final stamina amount after all buffs, so you don’t need to change it if you turn consumables or buffs on/off, change race, etc.

In theory we could add a Health or Effective Health threshold instead… but for all practical purposes, a stamina threshold will achieve the same thing. There aren’t that many sources of flat Health outside stamina – flask being the most significant.

Effective health is little different, and usually includes armor in the calculation. That said, the optimizer is already very good at taking into account all forms of toughness (health, armor, avoidance). A stamina threshold is usually only of practical use if you want to e.g. do a more DPS focused tank build but force the optimizer to still reach some threshold of stamina before going for DPS stats.

As long as you don’t set the tank strategy to “all offense” it will generally avoid non-plate gear, which should get you to some reasonable amount of effective health even in offensive strategies. Of course if you want to be tougher you’ll need to move the slider further towards toughness though, because Defense plays a huge part in tank toughness in TBC.