Prot warrior impending victory


I’ve been messing with prot warrior sims and noticed impending victory sims much higher dps (like 2000) in my custom rotation than the others. Thinking maybe it was my rotation I swapped to the default amr one which also Sims 1000+ more dps using impending victory. I just don’t get how that is possible. It seems like it should be lower dps… Is there an issue with prot impending victory in amr or is everyone missing out on sleeper monster dps!??


Edit looking at the numbers on 1 target using IV is actually weirdly more damage per rage than revenge even with best served cold lol. That still doesn’t explain 1000+ more dps in a M+ sim though.

Can you link me your simulations? I’ve never seen results with that large a difference due to Impending Victory. Maybe there is something really specific going on with your simulations.