Prot Warrior - Shield Block Recharge - Haste Breakpoints?

How to make the optimizer honor haste breakpoints to optimize shield block uptime?
14 sec recharge = ~ 14,3 % Haste
13 sec recharge = ~ 23,0 % Haste
12 sec recharge = ~ 33,3 % Haste
11 sec recharge = ~ 45,5 % Haste
10 sec recharge = ~ 60,0 % Haste
And so on…

For example on my char, the 12 sec recharge time seems reachable with trinket procc + into the fray talent.

You can customize the stats using the “customize” tab. That lets you adjust how much haste rating the optimizer tries to get on your gear.

Spell cooldowns don’t go in integer values - the UI might round them, but the actual cooldown is fractional, so there aren’t any “breakpoints” for the cooldown of a spell, just FYI.

I know that is possible but that doesn’t work so well.