Prot Warrior Threat

Edit- I think the simulator automatically sets crit immune to get you to 5.6% If that is true then the 2 options are enough. I set the hit where i want it and the stamina. Since i have only a few pieces of expertise, i will just lock those in place.

Does the setting slider for toughness/dps calculate threat or is it just damage?

When i slide all the way to the left it still keeps my shield with +18 stam enchant. If it is calculating for dps then i would think it would drop the shield for a dual wield. Or is it just programmed to keep the shield because of being calculated under prot spec?

Is there an option to select for a pure threat calculatuon? The reason i ask if its threat or dps because warrior get more threat from abilities like shield slam, revenge devastate. So raw damage does not always mean the most threat.

I have a Suggestion or wishlist.

Add a few more options to sort mins for under customize section.

1 crit cap. Already there
2 target hit - already there.

Add options for expertise. So that would be 3 criteria.

Also would like to be able to have an option for max health as an option. So 4. Currently i can only selct 2.

The calculation for prot warriors is actually threat, not DPS, so it will factor all of those things in.

If your spec is Protection, it will always use a 1-hander + shield.

If you want to dual wield, you need to choose Fury as your spec. We don’t really do dual-wield tanking optimizations in TBC right now. It was more of a thing in Classic Era… but doesn’t seem to be much of a demand for it in TBC. We can revisit that if it is a really popular use case.

As for the stat thresholds… I’d like to keep it at two if possible. Adding more thresholds significantly increases the complexity of the optimization. If you have an example optimization where you think adding more thresholds would get a better result, we can take a look at that case.

Once you add the crit-immune threshold, hit threshold, expertise threshold, and a stamina threshold… that’s getting very specific. At that point the optimizer doesn’t have much room to make choices anymore. Instead I’d prefer to examine how your goals differ from what the optimizer is trying to do, and see if something is worth tweaking in the optimizer first.

Thanks yellowfive.

I agree with not wasting time with dual wield tanking in tbc. You answered most of what i wasn’t sure about. I was able to do what i needed with only the 2 since the optimizer was automatically calculating in crit immune cap when i went to more toughness. if i set the slider to all dps, then it would not keep me above crit cap automatically. If i move it some to the right, it was automatically keeping me above crit cap, but it was letting the hit fall below where i wanted it. So i thought i had to chose both of those as the 2. With both of those selected, it didn’t allow me to sort for a 3rd category which i wanted to sort and that 3rd stat was health.

i basically wanted to see max threat and max health possible. But after thinking about it, i don’t know how you would compare the 2 and decide when to give up one for the other. So i just set the health at a minimum that i wanted. Now that i know the simulator is calculating threat, it will work perfectly for what i want to try.