Protection Warrior - ring suggestion?

Uhm… why ?

I would need more information to answer this question. Could you post your addon export string so that I can recreate what you are seeing? And could you tell me which gearing strategy and which “Blender” setting you are using?

Export string:

$57;EU;Burning Blade;Sakwr;Bad Luck;11;2;110;0:0;3;.s3;36;1213112;91,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1252,37,226,1,1,1,92;1,1,1,1,4,4,1,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,4,4,1,1,4,1,1,22,1;152048b1457b3528b3613,147082b1477b3528b3564,151009b3169b3396b3528;.q3;128288s16t11;1s17b752t12x152048m1457m3528m3613y-4966n1477n3528n3564z3927o3169o3396o3528c111;4154s8b1059b1819t13;1876s2b-2088b282b1512t14e5890;39s1b-1764b154b1611t15;8s14b-2730b975b1754b237t16;2688s11b-1762b1819t17c1;470s3b-2068b1966b45t18;1540s13b-2966b940b1789b58t19;7695s10b-3351b1504b261b17b1511t20c1;90s5b-1749b1750b236t21;915s15b-2091b2046b44t22;4251s7b-3530b1420b1874b277t23;48s12b-2156b2071b85t24;689s9b-2066b174b1616b292t25;589s6b-3587b1430b244b1812t26$g\152048\152048\@g\147082\147082\@g\151009\151009\@e\5890\141909\228405\600 Mastery\124442=15,124441=12

I need the string that you copy from the addon to our website to load your character, not the one you copy from the website to the addon.

$57;EU;Burning Blade;Sakwr;Bad Luck;11;2;110;12:1,14:6,15:1,13:1;3;.s1;34;0000000;1136;1;,151013b3199b3337b3397;;.s2;35;2313232;;;;;.s3;36;1213112;91,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1252,37,226,1,1,1,92;1,1,1,1,4,4,1,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,4,4,1,1,4,1,1,23,1;152048b1457b3528b3613,147082b1477b3528b3564,151009b3169b3396b3528;1,1739,41,-5,-1674,-5,9,1,0,1,0,0,1/2,1634,39,4,-1680,-1,-2,1,1,0,0,1,0/3,1640,41,3,-1688,5,1,1,1,0,0,0,0;.q1;128910s16b750z151013;3533s8b1061b1819;1876s2b-2088b282b1512e5890;4s11b-3296b1532b1956b45e-462;35s1b-2001b154b1611;8s14b-2730b975b1754b237;3158s3b-2011b1966b45;1540s13b-2969b933b1857b134;7785s5b-1941b1750b236;399s7b-1867b1458b172b237;516s15b-2091b2046b44;3225s12b-2020b1845b131e0;1762s10b-2056b215b1841b101;1s9b-2082b174b1616b292;589s6b-3587b1430b244b1812;.q2;128908s16b751;3535s8b1060b1819;1876s2b-2088b282b1512e5890;4s11b-3296b1532b1956b45e-462;35s1b-2001b154b1611;8s14b-2730b975b1754b237;187s17;2971s3b-2011b1966b45;1540s13b-2969b933b1857b134;7785s5b-1941b1750b236;399s7b-1867b1458b172b237;516s15b-2091b2046b44;3225s12b-2020b1845b131e0;1762s10b-2056b215b1841b101;1s9b-2082b174b1616b292;589s6b-3587b1430b244b1812;.q3;128288s16;1s17b752x152048y-4966z3927;4154s8b1059b1819;1876s2b-2088b282b1512e5890;39s1b-1764b154b1611;8s14b-2730b975b1754b237;3158s3b-2011b1966b45;1540s13b-2966b940b1789b58;7695s10b-3351b1504b261b17b1511;90s5b-1749b1750b236;915s15b-2091b2046b44;4251s7b-3530b1420b1874b277;48s12b-2156b2071b85;563s11b-1802b1819;126s9b-2083b174b1616b292;589s6b-3587b1430b244b1812;.r;_;.inv;6948;1581;0;0;115588;7;313;2;12615b1811b1819;1057;1691;355;35;389;6;1018;6102$

Thanks – one thing to keep in mind is that your gear is too low item level for mythic raiding, you should be using the Raid Boss (Heroic) strategy instead. Even then… you are pushing it for Heroic in 922 gear. You might want to use the Raid Boss (Pre-T21 Gear) strategy until you get some more gear.

Using the mythic strategy you are using, it’s basically saying: “you’re going to die no matter what you do… might as well use the ring that gives you a little more damage.”

Isn’t it unnecessarily complicated ?
I mean I set that Mythic Raiding as my target and I want AMR to help me to get there and focus my gear that way.
Also, whatever I set it always shows that ring as better, idk…

For tanking, you really need to pick a strategy based around the content you are trying to do.

The reason for this is best described by example: I generally raid at the Heroic difficulty level with my casual team. At the start of Antorus, I had ilvl 940ish gear. At this ilvl, some of the bosses can hit pretty hard but are still doable, so you want the gearing strategy to push you towards more toughness. Now I’m at 950-955 gear, and I feel pretty tough, so I want the gearing strategy to start pushing me more towards DPS. Any further toughness isn’t that helpful.

If you don’t choose a strategy that is tuned around the content you are trying to do, it has no idea when it is “safe” to start going for DPS instead of toughness. By choosing Mythic in ilvl 922 gear… the strategy has no idea what to do with that. It sees “you are super dead, dude. it doesn’t matter what you do.”

If I set it to Pre-T21 for your character, the other ring is only slightly worse in the rankings. It is close enough that you could use either one. (Really… you should just find some better boots and use both rings…)