Protection Warrior Stat Weights

Just getting into Protection Warrior tanking and use AMR for a lot of my characters. However, it seems like Protection Warriors want Haste to a certain extent then Mastery >= Versatility. When I put my character in and do best in bags or optimize, it’s telling me to prioritize Versatility over everything else. This is using the default methodology. Should I do a custom stat weight run and it’ll adjust accordingly?

A custom weight setup is always a good idea, but tanks are more sensitive to the settings. The one to note is your death chance - you need between a 30 and 50% chance to die in order for the simulator to really pick out the best survivability stats.


  1. Load up the simulator and run a ‘single sim’ (not a gearing strategy). Note your death chance in the report.
  2. Return to the sim setup and increase the mythic+ level under more options. This just increases the boss’s damage. Run another single sim. Note your death chance.
  3. Repeat step 2, raising the mythic+ level until you have a 30-50% chance to die.
  4. Return to the sim setup and select the ‘gearing strategy’ sim type. NOW run a custom sim, with the final mythic+ level that got you to the right death chance.

There’s one thing to note about other sources for prot warriors: they like haste so you can have 100% uptime on Shield Block. We’ve found that isn’t always the best thing for survival. So here’s what you can test:

  1. Use the custom strategy and generate best in bags. Run a single sim with that gear.
  2. Go back to the sim setup page. On the left, expand the stats section at the bottom, under all of your character details (there is a plus sign). Remove some amount of one stat, and put it into haste. For example, maybe take away 3,000 Mastery and put 3000 into Haste. Make sure it’s an even swap. Run the sim again.
  3. Compare the death chance between the 2 setups - is one better at keeping you alive?