PVP item level option

Can we get an option for calculating best in bags using the pvp item levels?

Yes please add a checkbox for “PVP Active” like all the ones for SoD and the other optional stuff.

We have focused exclusively on PvE content with our website since its beginning, and probably will do so for the foreseeable future. PvP optimization is quite a different gearing problem, and one that we don’t have the models to support at the current time. Sorry about that.

I totally understand your point on that and I’m not asking to optimize for pvp at all. The way I used to do it is set versatiliy super high in the custom stats distribution and then Mr. Robot does a pretty good job at itemizing for PVP. But now since 9.1 it only considers the base item level for pvp gear its no longer going to suggest the right gear. So the only change we really need is to allow us to apply the proper item level to pvp gear and the rest is up to us.


Edit: I guess its about UI and not adding an extra checkbox that will get people confused and the extra millions of simulations to run for the pvp item levels so I understand if it can’t be done just saying it would be nice to have :smile: