Pvp weights? oris it just pve?

just curious if there is an option to have pvp weights considered or is that irrelevant

PvP weights are no longer really necessary – the only thing that matters for PvP is item level. So just go down each slot in-game, and put on the highest ilvl item that you own, regardless of the stats on it.

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yes I can understand Ilvl is king but I am considering whats best for Feral pvp? Like Versatility>Crit>Mastery>Haste?

It doesn’t matter – the game automatically sets your stats to pre-defined stats as soon as you enter a battleground or arena. Your item level just multiplies the stats that the game gives you

Read this post on the WoW website: Legion PvP Preview

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it would still be interesting to rank items for pvp utility (traits, special features etc)

ditto for pvp levelling the trinkets with xp boost etc