PVP with mr Robot

Hey Everybody, I can’t seem to get a solid grip on my PVP gear with Mr Robot. Any suggestions?

We don’t do PvP gear optimization. You could just lock in your highest item level items probably?

i will try that. Thanks

is AMR ever going too?

It isn’t really possible other than in a very abstract way.

When you do a PvE encounter what the boss does follows a script, you know what’s going to happen at specific times so you can simulate a fight doing that.
Take Grong as an example:
We know that there’s a chance you’ll have to run away if the tank gets thrown at you, this happens 15s from the start and just under every 30s afterwards.
We know the ranged will have a chance they have to move away from the puddles the specters flying around cast.
We also know that 20s into the fight there is a Death Specter which needs to be killed, it will be a random distance away (although in the script it’s just set as 25y). Every minute after the first there will be another.

If you think you can script a PvP fight there’s nothing stopping you from making one, if you’re not sure how to make it clone and modify one of the exising scripts and ask for help if you get stuck.
I’ll be interested to hear how many seconds into the encounter you get polymorphed and what logic you use about using your PvP trinket or not.
Do you allow for a caster faking a cast to bait an interrupt?
What do you do when someone using a major defensive or offensive CD?

Actually, I was asking for my wife, she is all about PVP and I tout AMR to her constantly, especially where in she make get a drop of an item of same ilvl, but, different arcane factor and how AMR selects the better choice, but, I guess its not to be, but, thanks for the feedback and reply