Pyrdaz over chaos theory

I’m very confused on how AMR is having me unequip Chaos Theory for 970 neck. I can get t19 4 set multiple ways, including keeping Chaos theory equpped. For T20 i only have head and hands to even put in for 2pc. I’ve always trusted AMR forever until i got this legendary and it told me not to equip it.

The single gearing strategies aren’t really good for picking legendary items. We are in the process of making our new “adaptive” gearing strategies that can pick legendary items reliably. We have a test case up on the site right now for Frost Mages that is working well.

By end of next week we hope to have one of these new strategies available for all the DPS specs and maybe even some tanks/healers.

For now I suggest you lock in the better legendary and then let the optimizer optimize around it. We will post announcements on this forum when the new strategies are live on the site.