Quel'Serrar marked as "one handed"


Hello, I’ve notice that the sims have Quel’Serrar marked as “one hand”, and in some situations for fury tanking will put it in the off-hand slot, when it is marked “main hand” only in game.

It is classified as main-hand only, but the tooltip isn’t displaying it as such. I’ll fix that. (You’ll notice e.g. that it does not appear in the list of possible weapons for the off-hand.)

Do you have a case where it is being placed in the off hand? The snapshot that you provided does not choose quel’serrar for either hand.


Hopefully that one works, if not to recreate:
Generic fury warrior
“Pretty tough” on the slider (6 ticks from the right)
Phase 3, 180 sec fight, default buffs, BIS

Should have Maladath mainhand and Quel’Serrar offhand

Edit: Looks like the snapshot doesn’t capture the “toughness” slider’s position, and so won’t work to recreate, you’ll have to set the toughness manually to recreate.

Thanks – I’ll look at why the toughness level isn’t getting captured by the snapshot. (Or more likely, why it isn’t getting loaded from the snapshot.)

edit: I think it’s an issue with loading snapshots for “generic” and opposed to real characters. Seems that it overwrites settings with the default settings for the generic character. I’ll see if I can change that.

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