Questin about Set bonus

Ok, best in bags is showing that the 2 set bonus from 385 seal of the zandalari empire and loa exulant’s shroud is better that a 415 and 410 piece of gear. How can I make it so the set bonus doesn’t have a effect on best in bags. There is no way that the set bonus is worth that many ilvl’s especially when you aren’t in Zuldazar.

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I’m also having no change in enchants on my rings - they are stuck on low level no matter what i choose. Once i put high level enchant it don’t suggest me going back down though.

You could exclude one of the set items from best in bags (when you open the item list there is a button to filter out specific items).

You might have your enchant “threshold” set too high in the settings, so it’s not changing the enchants because it won’t affect you enough.

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