Question about branching boolean logic in rotations

Hey everyone! I’m looking at the Arcane mage rotation and see the following rule:Untitled

Does this mean:

  1. (Arcane Power up AND Rune of Power up AND Evocation ready) OR fight over in 30 sec
  2. Arcane Power up OR Rune of Power up OR Evocation ready OR fight ending in 30 sec

AMR does include a comprehensive wiki to provide the data for simulations (which you can find when clicking on “Simulator” in the top menu bar and then opening the menu to the left) and to have a relatively simple way for everybody to get more specific info.

You can, for example, find the complete rotation data there and take a closer look (i.e. for arcane mages) and looking for the relevant comments you can pinpoint the exact action pretty easily.

For that situation the action is coded like that:

which means your second variant should be the correct one.

Oh fascinating! That’s not the one I would have guessed and I’ve been going down the wrong tree because of it. Thanks for the tip on digging deeper into these rotations, it’s exactly what I needed.