Question about Mastery Neck Enchant

I find it somewhat hard to comprehend how you can base your entire line of suggestions for gear selection on your weighted stats, that have say for frost with mastery showing as your lowest desired stats, to recomend the neck enchant soldier which solely boosts mastery by 600 how does this make sense?

AMR doesn’t follow “set in stone” stat. priorities; they work with varieties of options that can be as close as makes no odds to optimal throughput.
If you’re asking, “why AMR doesn’t do what every other site on the web does?”… simple - they know how to, so they do.
Everyone has a choice what to do with advice (after all, that’s all AMR provides) - use it, integrate it or ignore it.
Taking what any site like AMR offers as ‘you must do it this way’ is pretty much not playing the game YOUR way… why not ask “the site of choice” to pay your sub. & play the game for you, if that’s how you see their offerings…?

We would need to see your specific case to answer your question – I have moved your post to its own topic.

Could you post the string of data that you copy from the addon to our website, or give us some more information about how to reproduce what you are seeing?

Without seeing details, what @eighjan said more or less covers it: our system is very dynamic and can find combinations that may not exactly follow the generic “stat priority”, but still simulate to better performance.