Question about the addon

Hello !
When I use AMR’s addon, I mostly use the “Export/Import” tabs, but since I want to improve, I wanted to try the “Logs” tab, and, I was wondering if it only works with Uldir ? Why aren’t there the other raids, and does this work with dungeon/open world fights ?

My addon is up to date, but I remember reading that you wouldn’t update the “Logs” tab anymore, and I can’t find where I read this, am I crazy ?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

The Logs tab should have auto-logging options for all of the raids. Sometimes people update the addon in the wrong place since Blizzard moved where addons are stored… they moved them to a subfolder called “retail”. Maybe that is what is happening and you are actually loading an old version? I’ve also heard some people that use the Twitch App say that it defaults to updating PTR addons instead of live.

Also note that these are just conveniences for gathering log files – you will then have to upload it to a log analysis site like

Hey, thank you for answering!
I noticed that addons are stored somewhere else ! So this is not the problem.
I think it comes from the fact that I started using Twitch app… Today haha, I was updating the addon manually until now, and I didn’t check the tab ! I’ll try this tomorrow, and edit this message if it worked !
Thank you !

(And I know about WarcraftLogs ! I’m just looking for convenience !)

Hey, quick update, I downloaded the addon from the website, put it in the right folder, same problem ! I’ve link a screenshot to show you what is the matter !

I don’t know what I can do anymore, and, if I’ve to change the category of my post, let me know, because it is not a simple question anymore !

Seems like the french localization is causing some alignment issues…

I’ll see if I can find someone to help me abbreviate some things.

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