Question about the Global Network

So I have a question about the Global Network I have the families computers (5 in total) on with my client signed in with the Network enabled but I have not seen any utilization on any of them for the sim I am currently running do I need to open my firewall or make a custom rule ?

Now I know its a very big Simulation I just though I would see some kind of difference in the utilization of the other computers or do I need to open one client start the sim then open the others ?

You do not need to do any custom firewall or port forwarding. The client should detect and run on it’s own, like any other program accessing the internet.

How big is the sim you’re trying to run?

Way too big I was trying to test the Sim Program vs the BIB on my Shaman but I have too much gear to test I got it going with a Smaller Sim on my Warrior

The Global Network (“glonet”) is a separate thing – it lets us run simulations on your computer when we need extract capacity to crank out numbers. You don’t need to turn it on to run your own simulations on your computers.

For running your own simulations, if you are running a “test combinations” type simulation, it will automatically break it into chunks and run it on all clients that you have connected using your username. It should show a short message in the console window when it is running a chunk of one of your simulations.

You should also see the number of clients you have connected on the simulator client page under Client Statistics: