Question about the guide section

Hello !
First of all, thanks for this awesome tool ! I say it everytime, but I couldn’t play without it now !
I was wondering : is the guide section up to date ? (as an example, when playing Outlaw, you say not to reroll RtB with Grand Melee, is that still true with better gear/azerite traits ?)
And, are you still working on the “rotation analysis” for other classes ?

I know it’s a tough time for everyone ! I just want to know if it is still coming !

Thanks you ! And stay at home !

We put the rotation analysis on pause until the next expansion. It didn’t end up engaging as many people as I would have liked, so I’m going to try to revise and improve it for shadowlands.

The guides are generally up to date still. There might be a few niche builds that always become a thing at the end of an expansion that we haven’t picked up, but the general advice will still be solid.

Apologies to @lerty for hijacking, but there is a degree of relevance to me asking here. That said, if it is deem that this post is worthy of its’ own thread, then I’ll create one.

While on the subject of the Guide Section, is there any way that a version could be made available for those of us who play L120 as solo…? While I get that the main ‘market’ will be based around Grouping; for those who pretty much only do WQ’s, Emissaries & the occasional Horrific Vision.

Just recently, I got an Outlaw Rogue to L120 & found that - in very short order - I had a L75 HoA & only two Essences - go to the guide for Outlaw to query what to spend Echoes of Ny’alotha on & the only Essences “worth having” are derived from Raiding, M+ or (group) PvP… which I don’t really do on any character, n/m my Rogue.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

I’d grab Vision of Perfection and use Loaded Dice, the spec plays so well like that.
For the activities you’ve listed there’s no need to stress about getting “the right one” as it won’t matter, you’re playing a rogue, stuff will die anyway.

The guide shows the relative value of all the essences, so you can use that information to pick front the ones you would consider getting.