Question about the tanking slider

I was wondering if the toughness level slider when using best in bags is supposed to be based off the simulator’s NPC damage modifiers. Because I noticed when I sim my char with +10 mythic plus it will say I’m 92% TUF but when I set the slider to +10 mythic plus in BiB then it says I need better stats to be TUF.

Did you include any affixes when you did your simulation?

I didn’t at first no. I went with tyran, fortified, teeming and it brought it down to 78% TUF. Can I ask what settings are used for the best in bags sims? Also what’s the TUF threshold for BiB before it will qualify you as having optimal stat distribution?

Note also that the recommended levels on the slider are very approximate. It is mostly a “relative” scale that you should slide up or down to your preference. If setting it at M10 goes for way more toughness than you feel you need to do an M10, then knock it down a notch or two (or vice versa).

We use Fortified + Raging in a lot of our tests, since that can result in some of the biggest bursts that you need to survive.