Question around Embellishments

Hello !

It’s me again !
Could I have a bit of insights about Toxic Thorns Foot wraps Embellishments? Does it look good for you ?

I’m trying still to decide what to craft for raiding.
This specific Embellishments seems really good and with the recent nerf for the neck embellishments it could even be close to one another. Even if the result from AMR and QELive rank it differently.

I was wondering if we could have an option in this specific item to add the “+100% with toxified embellishments”. With this option we could have the ranking in upgrade finder with two score. One the item + embellishments, the second item + embellishments+ a potential other embellishments “toxified”.

Thank you in advance!

P.S: if need be 2e85dcf8c5d54b5c8b38d794bd3882b4

@yellowfive will have to weigh in on this one - it might take him a little longer than usual to get to the forums for a few days - he’s in the middle of moving.

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Thank you for the answer!

I hope he won’t be tired after moving and nothing broke !

I’ll give this some thought – in theory the “toxified” embellishments are working right now, as in if you were to equip a piece of gear with one it would multiply the special effects on the items they can modify. But it would be nice to be able to see some kind of ranking with that active as well.

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