Question on Mage setup on Optimizer


Is there any way under settings for us to set it so that the optimizer knows that as a mage we’re running a Focus Magic swap (so we’re getting 10% crit and 5% int) instead of just the talent Focus Magic being 1 way?

I can’t seem to find this anywhere, not even in the Simulator. It seems every time I select Focus Magic it’s just assuming I’m giving it to someone with high crit and not receiving it myself.

We do not have a setting in the simulator or optimizer that gives you focus magic.

In the simulator you can override your stats and give yourself 5% more crit.

Is there any workaround to this when working with the optimizer-only? Similar to how I can manually add on 5% crit when I’m using the Simulator?

Not really, we’d have to add a setting for it. If you just want less crit, you can use the customize tab to pick a stat ratio you prefer.

I also don’t think that 5% extra crit is going to make a big difference in optimization. Maybe if you are frost and end up over the soft crit mark it would matter, but our gearing strategy rarely puts people up near that point.

It actually does, as I am Frost.

NGL, it’s very frustrating to repeatedly sim myself on different setups with the bonus crit and talent swaps between Focus Magic and RoP instead of having the optimizer include an option that lets me opt into FM. The sim differences literally can be over 100 DPS apart depending on the setup of talents.

I just feel like this lack of an option defeats the purpose of the optimizer really. I was wishing/hoping there was an option casters could choose if they were receiving Focus Magic. It’s not a bizarre strategy for 2 Frost mages to swap it (in most cases it’s actually going to produce better DPS than RoP would) or for an extremely under geared mage to pass it to a healer/caster in the group.

We can add an option for it. It’s just a flat 5% crit, so it’s nothing fancy. Could shift an item or two around in certain cases.

Whether or not you are getting focus magic from another mage won’t change the fact that using RoP is still going to be better for you, though. The best case would be to get focus magic from another mage, and then you use RoP. It is purposefully balanced such that it can’t compete with RoP because blizz tries to make passive talents slightly weaker.

For a Frost to Frost swap, Focus Magic is superior if it pushes you closer to/lets you reach 33.34% Crit. It easily beats RoP if this condition is met, because of the interaction Crit has with Icy Propulsion. It’s been tested/confirmed by the mage theorycrafters several times.

It’s also not an entirely passive talent in a true sense because it requires both of you to execute your DPS rotation properly, and it rightfully comes with an additional risk/reward of providing better DPS if you both live through the fight but falling off if one of you dies and the other person has to change their Focus Magic target to a less than ideal target.

Just to shed some light on what prompted my initial query, my sims are (rightfully) giving me totally different results because if I do a Focus Magic swap and use the Sire Denathrius Crit trinket, it’s actually weaker than my other options. However if I opt into Rune it is stronger than my other options. If the optimizer is running based on sims, it should be able to factor in a 5% crit buff on yourself to do its job.

Thank you for listening and opting to add it in as an option for the optimizer. I really appreciate it.


Icy propulsion is still heavily dependent on fight length for its value, like most cdr effects. So I always question gearing specifically for cdr effects - the results will be inconsistent.

I guess I see how it would be possible that you could set up a scenario in which getting 10% crit from a fucus magic swap would be more beneficial than getting 5% more crit on your gear and running rune of power. That still seems like an oddly specific situation to great for, in my opinion.

Can you tell I’m not a fan of cdr effects? I don’t like gearing for something that can be potentially useless out greatly diminished in value just because of how long a fight takes.

Our valuation of icy propulsion is different from other sources because our scripts use a different default fight length.