Question on spec priorities in BiB

I’ve been wondering if I have to reorder spec priorities every time I use BiB with a different spec. For instance, as a feral/guardian druid, do I have to put the spec I’m using on top every time? Or is it just a general priority list with feral on top? As feral is the spec I intent to play mostly at 110.

If you plan to play as Feral mostly, you should leave it on top. That way, when you do e.g. Guardian optimizations, it won’t tell you to move relics, gems, or enchants around if it would detract from your Feral gear. Or in other words, if Feral is on top, it will get “first pick” of all your stuff. The next spec in the list will get 2nd pick, and so on. And where it makes sense, a lower-priority spec will share gear with a higher-priority spec, even if it has the wrong enchant or gem on it.

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